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MFP Suggestions/Feedback —

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  • 07/27/12--05:20: Friend request
  • I have a friend request that I accepted, but it won't go away.

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    One of the Ads is sending me to

    Which try to install some B.S. virus protection, stating that I have a virus which is false!

    It won't let me back to this site and insist that I have a virus and install their software, i have to exit my browser and log back in.

    I hope that removes them as an advertiser!

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  • 07/27/12--06:15: Exercise recording
  • I am a new myfitnesspal user and I really enjoy it. The only part that is not working for me is the exercise recording. I am doing the crossfit workout which combines the strength training with cardio. I exercise every morning for 30 minutes at least. But when I record it into the exercise portion, since most of it is strength training, it doesn't give me any calorie credit unless I can find a way to list it is a cardio exercise (which it definitely is!) If that could be improved someday, that would be awesome.

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  • 07/25/12--12:01: Strength Training
  • Why doesn't the strength training show the calories burnt like the cardiovascular does?

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  • 07/27/12--07:57: Reports
  • Has MFP every looked into having the reports be overlayed on each other for better use?

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  • 07/27/12--08:52: Calorie Goal History
  • I searched previous posts and can't seem to locate what I am looking for. So, sorry if this redundant.

    Is there a way to view previous calorie goals? Like a history of everytime it recalculates (preferably with a date of recalculation)?

    Also, I let MFP recalculate my goals this morning, after a 10lb loss, but nothing changed. I went in to Goals, clicked Guided (calculation), left all of the info the same, and my cals went down by 70 per day. Is there a difference in methods for calculation, I would have assumed, given the same info, the change would have happened immediately after I clicked 'Yes' the first time=, after my check-in when the option was displayed to recalculate.

    No real problem with the above part, EXCEPT that now, when I look back at my food diary from 3 months ago, the calorie goal is showing TODAY's new goal, going back historically, which now puts me over on many of those days. It's petty, but it kind of bums me out. HA! Especially since I don't know what my calorie goal history is.

    Any feedback you can give would be appreciated. Also, I know that I can print/export my information regularly, but since MFP seems to try to be an all-inclusive site, might it make sense to make these histories available (if they aren't already, like I said - maybe they are around and I just can't find them)?

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    Can MFP look at getting tied to the withing scale?

    Several other loss sites are parteners already

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    Nevermind. Please disregard. Thanks.

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  • 07/27/12--15:35: Add website features to app?
  • It would be really really convenient if the community portion of the website were integrated into the Android app! I think it's safe to say a lot of people use their smart phones more often than a computer.

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    Do you know greasemonkey?
    I'm a geek and self made web developer and I fooled around with greasemonkey but never really did anything with it.
    I was wondering if we can collaborate to add/remove some things to myfitnesspal at the user level to make it even better.

    Since MFP seams to not be developing this site anymore.

    Here's the list:
    1) weather ticker - Many times I want to record weather conditions in my workout it's be great if I could see it in the same screen.
    2) I would like to be able to show/collapse sections on the sidebars. Like the recent forums topics.
    3) Show more feed post by default. It shows 15 right now. Believe it or not I don't like to hit the show more button.
    4) I would like to make the next meal show at the top of the page. When I log foods any time the page refreshes at the top. By the time I have entered breakfast, am snack and lunch, the other meals are below the first screenfull. I would like to put the next meal at the top of the page e.g. if breakfast and lunch have been entered then show snack pm and dinner at the top of the page. MFP site is slow and with a slow laptop scrolling down the page is frustrating.
    and pushing my luck I would like to add
    4) a meal note section to the food diary. Sometimes I forget items because I look for each thing in the database where I could make a note like 'double burger with fries, nuggets and drink' sometimes I forget items this is why I would like to describe the meal first or to make a note about each meal so I don't forget, or when I enter calories only I would like to explain what happened as opposed to one note for the whole day.
    I hope the MFP team also checks these suggestions and find them worth implementing.

    I understand the limitations of client side programming and I believe this features could be inserted with greasemonkey. If not I can be corrected.

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  • 07/27/12--16:01: Convention
  • Please have a convention some day.
    This would be extremely awesome!!

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  • 07/27/12--17:18: ticker
  • <a href=""><img src="" border="0"></a><p style="text-align: center;width:202px;"><small>MyFitnessPal - Free <a href="http://www.myfitnesspal

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  • 07/28/12--04:58: Diary with expense tracker
  • Hi,

    I would like to have a cost added to each diary entry. It would show how much we spend.
    Some of us are on budget, others just want to know it.

    There are other money trackers, but none of them has calories / nutrition included ( and vice versa )


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    Any thoughts on porting the iPhone app to be installable on a Macbook or iMac to take advantage of the new notification features in Mountain Lion OS?

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  • 07/28/12--17:15: Recipes and Serving Options
  • Really the only thing I've found disappointing after recently trying out myfitnesspall is that when entering a recipe, my only option for quantity is # of servings. That's great for something like a sandwich, but a lot of my meals are things like stir fries and some days I want more, and some days less. I usually like to get the overall weight of my meal and then I can just weigh what I'm eating today and put in how many ounces of the meal I'm having. Other things make more sense when measured by volume - such as # of cups. My last tracker had the option of selecting how I wanted to measure my recipe and would then give me the appropriate options when I added it to my diary. I'm getting around this by entering the total ounces as # of servings, but that's pretty inelegant and it feels weird to say I've just eaten 10 servings of something!

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  • 07/27/12--15:02: reset
  • Why does my default setup day not go to todays date like it used to? when I sign on it always reverts to a early july day.

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    I add Campbell;s Select Harvest Savory Sausage & Vegetables to my lunch table and the information did not match the label on the can. What do you do in this situation? The counts given to me were higher than the label.

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    I'm in Australia and therefore grew up with kilojoules, kilograms, metres, rather than calories, pounds and feet

    Could you please include a converter? Every single time I want to add a food that isn't in the database, I have to manually calculate the kJ on the pack to kCal. It would be very simple for you to add a converter!

    Also, I've set everything I can find to metric measurements, yet my weight loss/weight to go is still in lbs. Please fix this!


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  • 07/29/12--06:15: SEO Spam
  • White attempting to create a recipe this morning - I searched for Egg in the ingredient list and the majority of entrees were listed with a "- SEO Services".

    I am not sure if anyone else had ran into this issue or what can be done to cut down on the spam. The company is an SMS based marketing firm from what I am seeing.

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    Is there a way to easily copy from another users food diary? For example, my Husband and I both enter our foods and often eat the same thing. It would be MUCH easier to just copy it somehow. It is a bit of a pain to sit and re-enter every last ingredient of a meal. Twice. Thanks for your help.

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